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AND Weighing - HM Analytical Balance
Analytical Balance
Item#: AND-HM
Model#: HM
Manufacturer: AND Weighing

Dimensions: 8.5w x 16.9d x 12.4h
Platform: 3.6-Inch Diameter
Breeze Break: 7.2w x 6.5d x 9.8h

Base Model Weight (lbs): 20


RS-232 Interface + $120.00 
Density Determination Kit + $380.00 
Rechargable Battery Pack + $415.00 
Carrying Case + $330.00 
Foot Switch + $65.00 

Our Price: $2,280.00

Summary: Large LCD Display. Built-In Motorized Calibration Weight. Parts Counting and Percent. RS232 Interface (optional). Powered by AC Adapter or Rechargable Battery (optional). Units: g, oz, oz-t, dwt, gn, ct, tl, m.