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Ishida Scales - IPC Digital Scale
Digital Scale
Item#: ISH-IPC
Model#: IPC
Manufacturer: Ishida Scales

Dimensions (6 lb - 15 lb): 9.3w x 11.1d x 3.9h
Dimensions (30 lb - 60 lb): 11.3w x 14.3d x 4.0h
Legal For Trade (NTEP# 02-139A1)

Base Model Weight (lbs): 6
Documents: Brochure


AC Power Adapter + $25.00 
Dual Displays (Front and Back) + $20.00 
Stainless Steel Platform Cover + $20.00 

Our Price: $225.00

Summary: 1-Inch LCD Display. Units of Measure Include: Lbs and Kgs, or Ounces. Battery Power (Two D-Cell) or AC Adapter (Optional). Auto Shut-Off Function. Dual Range Weight Display Provides Greater Resolution at Lower Weights.