A&D FG Platform Scale

A&D Engineering | AND FG Weight:
US$735.00 US$560.00

A&D FG platform scales for fast Response and Efficient Weighing Applications.

  • 60 lb to 400 lb available 
  • Legal-for-trade (NTEP CC#05-101)
  • Fast and Accurate Measurements
  • Three Weighing Resolutions
  • AC or Battery Power (4 x C-Cell)

The new FG-K series combines fast response time with accurate measurement to suit any weighing application. 

Three Weighing Resolutions

  • Normal (1/3000)
  • *High (1/6000 for 30kg and 60kg weighing capacity)
  • *Higher Resolution (1/12000 for 60kg and 1/15000 for 30kg and 150kg weighing capacity)
  • *non NTEP settings

Counting Function: Useful in piece counting applications with sample size of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 pcs for unit weight registration 

Comparator Function: HI / OK / LO comparator indicator and optional relay output ( FG-24 ) for checkweighing applications 

Filtering Functions: Filtering levels of slow, normal, and fast are selectable to suit environmental conditions

Leveling Feet and Bubble: Easy to adjust the level of the scale for accurate weighing

 Optional RS-232C and Comparator Output: Easy to connect peripherals such as printer, comparator light, and computer for weighing system applications 

AC or Battery Power (4 x C-Cell). 

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