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Rice Lake Weighing - Bci Belt Scale
Belt Scale
Item#: RIC-Bci
Model#: Bci
Manufacturer: Rice Lake Weighing

Mining, Quaries, Truck/Barge/Rail Loading
Includes 920i Integrator / Process Controller
Provides Continuous Total and Rate
Shown with Rollers - Ider Rollers are Not Included.

Base Model Weight (lbs): 300
Documents: Brochure / Manual


Stainless Steel Weigh Frame + $1,100.00 
Speed Wheel Assembly + $695.00 
Magnetic Shaft Encoder (12 PPR) + $695.00 

Our Price: $4,790.00

Summary: In-Motion Belt Scale. Provides Continuous Total and Rate. Includes Weigh Frame and 920i Integrator. Idler Rollers are Not Included.