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Sartorius - FCEX Precision Bench Scale
Precision Bench Scale
Model#: FCEX
Manufacturer: Sartorius

Intrinsially Safe (Class-I, Div-I, ABCD)
Check Weighing, Counting, Formulation
Built-In Motorized Calibration Weight
Platform (4.8 lbs to 26 lbs): 8.5 in x 7.9 in
Platform (35 lbs to 141 lbs): 15.8 in x 11.8 in

Base Model Weight (lbs): 524
Documents: Brochure / Spec-Sheet


Hazard Area Power Supply (8ft of IS cable) + $1,945.00 
Safe Area Power Supply (65ft of IS cable) + $1,655.00 
IS Battery Pack with Safe Area Charger + $1,910.00 

Our Price: $5,510.00

Summary: Large LCD Column Mounted Display. High Resolution Industial Scale. Number/Alpha Keys. Intrinsically Safe (Class-1, Div-1, ABCD). Numerous Built-In Applications (Check Weighing, Counting, Formulation).