AHS Hanging Scale

Intelligent Weighing | INT AHS Weight:
US$252.00 US$252.00

Excellent Legal-for-Trade hanging scale at the right price.

  • 6 lb to 60 lb available
  • Legal-for-trade (NTEP# 18-098A1)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Battery Operated (Drycell)

Class III NTEP Approved Legal For Trade

The National Conference on Weights and Measures certifies the AHS60 Legal for Trade with Certificate of Conformance number 18-098. So, you can count on getting accurate readings time after time. Perfect for stores and markets where items are sold by weight.

200% Overload Protection

To help make sure you don't accidentally damage this hanging scale with too much weight, the AHS-60 has overload protection that will keep the loadcells safe with up to 200% of the capacity hanging from the hook.

Lightweight, Portable Design

The Intelligent-Weigh AHS60 runs on 4 C size batteries that will give you up to 250 hours of continuous use before you have to buy new batteries. Battery operation coupled with the light weight design of just a pound makes this digital hanging scale easy to use where you need it.

Energy Saving Programmable Auto Off

Intelligent-Weigh designed this legal for trade hanging scale to turn off automatically after your choice of 10,30, or 60 minutes of inactivity. If you prefer, you can also set the scale to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Tare Feature

The tare button on the AHS-60 hanging scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight that is on the scale. You can then add more weight and the AHS-60 will only display the weights of the items you're adding.

Hold & Peak Hold Feature

When you get your weight readings, you can "freeze" the value on the scale's display. You can then remove what you have on the scale and the weight reading will stay on the display. You can also set this hanging scale to automatically capture the peak weight from a reading.


Intelligent Weighing Technology warrants this NTEP hanging scale free from defects in material and workmanship for the first year from the date of shipment.

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