Dillon AP5 Dynamometer


Dillon AP Dynamometers Proven reliability and performance.

  • 500 lb to 20,000 lb available
  • High strength case resists heavy blows
  • No batteries required
  • Large safety factor for overload protection and long life
  • Wide temperature range for use in nearly any environment (-50 to 140°F / -45 to 60°C)

Dillon Dynamometer — Nobody does it better!

Originally designed to measure the tension on telephone wires, the Dynamometer has proven to have limitless versatility as a tension and weight measuring instrument. It is used for such diverse jobs as suspended weighing; mounting cables for bridges; adjusting tension on guy wires; field testing chain, rope, wire—anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.

Dillon is the leader in dynamometers with the largest installed population throughout the world. The sturdy design, top grade components and premium coatings make it last for years in severe environments and applications: the pounding aboard military vehicles, rough handling in field measurements and even use underwater. Embraced by industrial contractors across the globe, we are confident the AP will satisfy your most demanding applications.

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