Rice Lake 250 Bariatric Scale

Rice Lake Weighing | RIC 250-10-2 Weight:
US$1,285.00 US$1,220.00

250-10 SERIES Bariatric Scale

  • 1000 lb x 0.2 lb (450kg x 0.1kg)
  • Dimensions: 20 in x 25 in x 3 in
  • Handrail for support and safety
  • Two wheels for ease of portability
  • Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology
  • Large 1-inch LCD display

250-10 SERIES Bariatric Scale

The digital Handrail Scale by Rice Lake is designed to weigh individuals who need extra support. The non-skid platform and side rails give extra stability and safety.

Advanced movement compensation technology adjusts for involuntary movement when weighing unsteady individuals. Two heavy-duty wheels located at the rear of the base make maneuvering the handrail scale easy in any clinic or office.

The digital handrail scale with hinged seat (250-10-4) Model adds the unique ability for patients to be weighed in either a standing or sitting position.

Bluetooth Option Available.

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