Rice Lake CLS 680 Forklift Scale

Rice Lake Weighing | RIC CLS-680 Weight: 550LB
US$9,140.00 US$7,315.00

CLS-680 Forklift Scale and Indicator

  • 5,000 lb x 5 lb
  • Legal-for-trade (NTEP CC# 06-074)
  • Machined aluminum enclosure with rounded corners
  • Battery backed time/date - Wi-Fi - Bluetooth
  • Requires Installation and Calibration.
  • Excludes Lift Truck and Forks.

Weigh, transfer and collect data in one efficient step.

Stopping to weigh inventory at a floor scale can be a time-consuming process. Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ CLS Series forklift scales provide a more efficient use of time, money and floor space by transforming forklifts into mobile scales.

How It Works

The CLS Series forklift system include's a weight indicator and scale carriage assembly. The scale fastens to the existing forklift carriage and the tines will connect to the scale. When the tines lift a load, the weight will register on the load cell found inside the scale carriage and display on the weight indicator.

The industry’s most durable solution.

CLS Series forklift scales can be installed on Class II or Class III forklifts, and are compatible with most attachments and load backstops. They are manufactured in Wisconsin, USA with a combination of precise, automated technology and the benefit of handmade care to produce long-lasting, reliable weighing systems.

CLS Series forklift scales feature mechanical overload protection and a reinforced cover plate to protect load cells. The centering pin is welded directly to the scale, whereas many competitive models use mounting bolts which are prone to shearing and lateral sliding of the scale. Three indicator options make it simple to create the best system for each application. Choose from two traditional indicators and one virtual indicator to complete the CLS forklift scale system.

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