Brecknell B140 Counting Scale

| BRE B140 Weight: 13LB
US$350.00 US$265.00

Brecknell B140 Counting Scale. Accurate and Affordable. 

  • 12 lb, 30 lb, and 60 lb Capacities 
  • Three Large LED Displays 
  • Internal 20-Hour Battery 
  • Selectable LB / KG Units 

High Accuracy Counting Scale

The B140 lb/kg Counting Scale is a robust highly accuracy general purpose counting scale ideal for weighing
a range of components in most industrial warehouse environments. The B140 comes with eight pre-stored
piece weigh memories making it ideal for storing the harder to count parts. There also two pre-set tares that
can be used when parts are held in regular sized containers or bins. This scale is housed in a robust ABS
housing with a removable stainless steel weight platter, an AC power adapter and a built-in rechargeable
battery that can provide up to 20 hours of battery life. Ideal for mounting on a portable picking cart or when
used in areas when power is hard to find. Three easy-to-read LED displays provide all the parts counting data
needed even in a low-lit warehouse. The B140 also has one RS-232 communication port ideal for connecting
to a PC or printer. The B140 Counting Scale features a coin counting function in the 60 lb / 30 kg capacity. 

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