A&D GF/GX Precision Balance

A&D Engineering | AND GF/GX Weight:
US$1,595.00 US$1,280.00

Taking weighing precision and protection to new heights. Integrated applications make your weighing workflows fast and convenient. 

  • 220g to 10kg available 
  • External or Internal calibration
  • Smart SHS® weighing technology increases performance and productivity 
  • Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation and compliance 
  • Durable metal construction provides increased protection 

Advanced Technologies Providing Innovative Solutions

DISCOVER PRECISION Smart SHS Technology:  A&D’s Smart-Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology is the foundation of the innovative solutions found in the A&D Apollo Series. The Smart sensor improvements stem from better design, construction, and materials, resulting in better performance and turbo stabilization times of 1 second. This increases productivity for all weighing work-flows in both labs and production environments. Smart-SHS also gives higher maintainability with a reduced number of parts while still offering maintenance accessibility, unlike other Mono-type systems which only increase cost of ownership. A&D’s easy eccentricity adjustment and hybrid design are two prime examples of this high maintainability. We execute for the highest performance, and keep our customer’s bottom-line in mind. 

Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) Innovation:  The operator simply holds the mode key to first perform a self diagnostic check and proceed to ECL where internally a repeatability test is performed without use of an external weight. This critically checks the stability of analog-to-digital conversion before applying a controlled load inside the balance (between 0.3% to 3% of the weighing capacity). It does this by altering the equilibrium state of the weigh sensor and takes 10 repeated measurements. The entire process takes only 1.5 minutes versus traditional repeatability procedures which can take up to 10 minutes, ultimately giving greater convenience and time savings to customers. 

Impact Shock Detection (ISD) Innovation:  Often balances can be damaged or errors can occur due to sharp impacts from automated machine loading or operators dropping material onto the pan. The A&D Apollo series educates, prevents and documents such scenarios. ISD visually indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks that a weigh sensor receives at four different levels. It audibly beeps once at Level 3 and twice at Level 4 delivered through the feature of Impact-Alert. 

Overload Protection:  The weight sensor is well protected against vertical and transverse static overloading. It won’t break due to malfunction of the weighing system’s actuator and the resulting excess “E” load.Additionally there are two leaf springs that support the weighing pan of the A&D Apollo series also mitigate impact shocks significantly. A&D once again takes protection to heart ensuring the A&D Apollo series is the same A&D strong, A&D tough you’ve come to know in labs and factories alike.

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